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Berry Lipman track in US comedy PLAYING HOUSE

Berry Lipman's "Phantastic Ride" in American tv series PLAYING HOUSE.

We mourn the death of Berry Lipman

We mourn the death of Berry Lipman. He died on August 21, 2016.

The Kilaueas provide the music for the tv documentary GOODBYE G.I.

The Kilaueas in tv documentary GOODBYE G.I.

 3eme Sexe's

3eme Sexe's "White Horses" in Monica Menez' video PRECIOUS

Les Quitriche in MADEMOISELLE YÉYÉ Video

Les Quitriche's "Comme toute la jeunesse française sur LSD-25" in MADEMOISELLE YÉYÉ fashion video "Spring Summer ...

 3eme Sexe's

3eme Sexe's "Let's pretend" in tv series BORGEN/THE GOVERNMENT

 The Pss Pss'

The Pss Pss' "Ey friend" in RUNNING BARE commercial

Les Quitriche in MONSIEUR TAURINS movie

Five tracks by Les Quitriche are used in the movie MONSIEUR TAURINS.

The Dadds'

The Dadds' "Oh Miranda" in LANCÔME - POUT À PORTER - PS KISS

3eme Sexe's

3eme Sexe's "Apache" in US tv series WEEDS

Electric Beatniks in snowboard video SHAKEDOWN DAY #1

Electric Beatniks in snowboard video SHAKEDOWN DAY #1

The Mufuti Twins'

The Mufuti Twins' "Everything" in MIMCO commercial